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How to Develop Your Character: Embrace Your Crosses and Challenges in Life With Enthusiasm
March 17,2014

Pillar III: Embrace your Crosses and Challenges with Enthusiasm The very idea of embracing a “cross” or challenge may seem ludicrous, however doing so has invaluable benefits to one’s personal character development. When you adopt a positive perspective of the purpose crosses and challenges have in your life you will yield invaluable benefits. One of [...]

Happy New Year!
January 1,2014

Happy New Year! I spent the final hours of 2013 and early hours of 2014 with a team of dedicated individuals helping a desperately ill patient have a new lease on life with a heart transplant. The generous gift of life was made possible because of another family’s loss. Especially on this occasion, that marked [...]

Pillar I – Know That You Are Blessed
December 11,2013

Gifts of the Heart ‘s Seven Pillars of Life: Pillar I – Know That You Are Blessed During this holiday season, it is important for us all to realize how blessed we are. Many of us will purchase gifts for friends, family and co-workers. Holiday parties are in swing all around the nation and the [...]