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Telehealth: The Next Frontier of Healthcare Technology
August 26,2015

Every generation in modern history has utilized the advancement of technology to improve and expand patient access to healthcare. Advanced technology released emergency care from the restraints of ground travel and afforded physicians, surgeons and medical practitioners access to the swiftness of sky travel. Experience and knowledge once shared only within tight knit networks of healthcare [...]

In Honor of the Month of Hearts: Three Simple Steps to Heart Health
February 17,2015

The month of February is “Heart Health Month,” and the time provides an opportunity to raise awareness for both men and women about health, wellness, and prevention. Indeed, health is a topic that is dear to my own heart and raising awareness about heart disease and promoting heart health is one of my special missions. [...]

Never Give Up
December 30,2014

Pillar VII: Never Give Up Life is full of twists and turns. Every experience you have is a lesson on the never-ending journey of personal discovery. Living each day heartfelt and engaged is the best way to ensure the purpose of each experience and lesson is discovered. Such discovery is often elusive and lessons from [...]